Invitation (short text) Arabic – German – Dari – Turkisch bellow:

Yalla Vol.3 SoC (Sounds of Color) 14.March 8pm at Schaltzentrale in Bullerdeich 14b, 20537 Hamburg.

Free Entry

Yalla Hamburg Team invites you to join Yalla Spring party Vol.3 on Saturday 14. March at 19:00 in Schaltzentrale, there will be a delicious Food and Yalla Hamburg photo Exhibition. And of course Music (the programme is below). #Yalla_LetsDance. This Party will be at the end a whole week film workshop “Yalla Engagement” Film Workshop at the Medienzentrum the GWA St.Pauli e.V. Party is at the Schaltzentrale Hallo e.V. in Hammer-brook 10 min walking from the train station. Adress up at the link.


DJ Shamsa: Coming from Jordan, heart of the Middle East. First female DJ to pave the way. Many didn’t understand her passion. Now she resides in Berlin. Shamsa is an old bedouin name and it means the sun. Shamsa, a Middle Eastern embodiment of the feminine mystical, oracle, queens of the desert. The nomadic bedouin warrior queens. The women with highest sense of wisdom. The beautiful, resilient, strong and free goddesses. With a strong versatile sound, this artist has rapidly proven exceptional charisma and natural talent in her gigs. Her Arabic roots as well as her electronic influence in Berlin developed and inspired her signature sound. With her unique cross-genre sets she smoothly blends Arabic-infused tunes with banging tribal techno and house vocals into a warm and energetic storyline. you can hear her dazzling versatile sound in small house parties as well as in various venues in Berlin and the Middle East, and soon at the harbour city for the first time in Hamburg special guest at Yalla Vol,3 if you’re around you can see her spin.

DJ Fatou: Born in Hamburg and raised surrounded by Diverse musical atmosphere the ‘‘Elbe’’ island. Her natural DJ talent grow up on the island of Veddel in Hamburg in a community of about 64 different nationalities. Her passion for music shaped by the ‘’Veddelgalic’‘ multicultural sounds of African music and the Turkish-Balkan sound of that present Diversity of the neighbourhood, With its Diverse and varied music and sounds. When Fatou made her DJ club debut at the Harbor most famous Club the ‘‘Golden Pudel’’ even the mice and the Seagull on the fish markt danced on the counter. No one has ever been able to evade their musical performances. The natural born DJ who’ll give her debut out loud at the dancefloor at the Schaltzentrale with incredible tunes from 74 different cultural backgrounds. Her music sets are surprising. From Afro 70s Funk, Jazz, Salsa to Zouk, Soca to Zouglou. You will find it on her two USB sticks.


DE: Einladung Yalla Hamburg lädt euch zur Yalla Spring Party Vol.3 ein am Samstag den 14.03.2020 um 19:00 Uhr im Schaltzentrale. Yalla Foto Ausstellung und Yalla Präsentation mit leckeren Essen und zum Tanzen Liegen zwei DJane aus Hamburg und Berlin ihre Musik auf .

AR: دعوة فريق يلّا هامبورغ يدعوكم لحفل “Yalla Vol.3” في Schaltzentrale يوم السبت ١٤ مارس الساعة 7 مساءً ، يرفق الحفل معرض تصوير يلّا و عرض للمشروع، و بكل التأكيد الموسيقى الحيّة تلعب في مطبخ شالتزنترالة في هامربروك يلّا نرقص. البرنامج الموسيقي موجود اسفل القائمة.

AF: دعوت تیم یالا هامبورگ شما دوستان عزیز را به دومین Yalla Vol.3 پارتی خود در تاریخ 14.03.2020 ساعت 19:00 در (Schaltzentrale) دعوت مینماید. نمایشگاه عکس، سخنرانی یالا تیم با غذاهای لذیذ و سرانجام موزیک زنده و رقص.

TR: çağrı Yalla grubu sizi Bahar Partisine davet ediyor. 14 Mart Cumartesi günü, Schaltzentralede saat 19 da başlıyoruz partiye. Yalla grubu sizlere lezzetli yemekler hazırlayacak. Yemek dışında sizleri fotoğraf sergisi ve canlı müzik bekliyor bu gecede. Yalla – Hadi dans edelim!

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